Nextiva Advanced
Product Certifications

Post-Conference Add-On Certification Trainings
October 24 | 9:00am - 4:00pm | Talking Stick Resort

Ready to drive your business forward at lightning speed? REV UP your knowledge base and your perceived value (and charge more!) with the new, LIVE in-person Nextiva Advanced Product Certifications right after NextCon.

Imagine working side-by-side with Nextiva’s senior training staff and product architects as you master Nextiva Contact Center Certification, Nextiva Service CRM, or Nextiva Analytics. Can’t decide which one? Register another team member (separate registration fee applies) to cover all your bases.

You’ll leave with hands-on experience using, installing, and selling one of our three most popular offerings so you can handle each client and prospect like the pro you are. Speaking of pro, once you complete this training, you will receive Professional Level Certification in your chosen product.

Nextiva Service CRM Certification*

Nextiva Service CRM, one of the newest additions to the NextOS platform, extends customization and an intuitive interface to any size customer with the goal of elevating Read More the caller experience and offering centralized collaboration like you’ve never seen. In this small-class environment, you will work closely with our team to master admin functions, roles, and security levels; understanding customization options; and integrating Nextiva Chat, Surveys, Analytics, and more.

Nextiva Contact Center Certification*

Nextiva’s newest offering, Contact Center, is dramatically changing the way businesses collaborate with their customers. Historical call analytics paired with live, real-time dashboards Read More and reporting make Nextiva Contact Center one of the fastest-selling features. Nextiva’s training team will reveal top-selling functionality and enable you to master starting the discussion, discovery questions and consultative selling, constructing new queues, assigning supervisors, and setting up agents.

Nextiva Analytics Certification*

Nextiva Analytics offers 250 custom reports, dozens of pre-made templates and graphs, and the ability to track interactions through multiple media outlets. In this hands-on course, Read More you’ll gain the tools you need to help customers track marketing campaigns with area code analysis, enable competition in a sales or support organization with gamification, and create custom views and deliverables in a matter of minutes. Discover how Nextiva Analytics is taking machine learning to the next level.


Why It’s Smart Business to Invest in
This Certification - Only $599

Maximize business performance

Our professionals will set you up for success and give you smart strategies to quickly address customer problems and pinpoint solutions.

Outshine your competition

A Nextiva certification will set you apart, help you achieve a higher perceived value, and give you the competitive advantage you need when it comes to closing deals.

Understand your customers

Our experts will break down technical training, empower you to unleash your inner consultant, enable you to guide customers through real-world scenarios, and design solutions to help businesses succeed.

Registration and Payment Options:

You can register for one of these courses when you register for NextCon, or you can edit your existing NextCon registration to add on the course(s).

We are offering two
easy payment choices:

  1. Pay in full when you register.
  2. Pay in two easy installments of $299.50. The first payment is due when you register. The second will be automatically charged to the same card on October 1, 2018.
Pay in Full $599 NOW or choose our Payment Plan $299.50
Now, $299.50 Oct. 1 ($599 total)

We expect these classes to fill quickly. Once they do, we will begin a waitlist for each course in case of cancellations.

Prerequisite for each course is completion of the online, 11-module free Nextiva Partner Certification course prior to October 1, 2018.

*These LIVE certification classes are Part One of a multi-part XBert Certification series for each product. After completing the Live Training at NextCon, students will receive a Professional Level Certification. After completing the multi-part series (which continues with an additional session after the live training) students graduate to an “XBert Certification.” All classes necessary to achieve both levels of certification for your selected product are included in the $599 registration fee.